Fischmans Wagyu Wagon

Last night was the official launch of the Fischmans Wagyu Wagon. Some may cry foul and say this is not a new truck (I'm looking at you, Minion), but I have it on good authority that it counts.

See, Aaron Crumbaugh, owner of the original Wagyu Wagon has long been a supporter of Fischman Liquors. Only he moved west a few months back and the truck went with him. So he licensed the brand to The Fisch and designed the new truck based on his experience with the original.

And when both Aaron and Gus (owner of Fischman Liquors) showed off the shiny new truck at a recent Tap This event, they both insisted that I count this as a new truck.

Add to that the fact that Jesse Valenciana from Man B Que is the new chef on board, creating new burger combos and including such Man B Que delights as the beer cheese nachos.

And so there you have it. Not that I have to do any explaining. My site, my rules.

While I was absolutely dying to taste the Unholy Mole burger recently featured on Thrillist, sadly that was not on the menu.

I'd tasted the Sumo from the original truck and the ingredient list of the seasonal Oktoburger had me a bit wary, so I went with the Classic. You cannot miss with that 80/20 (Wagyu/Bacon) burger topped with roasted garlic aioli, cheese, lettuce and tomato. Oh, and there was no chance I was passing on those beer cheese nachos. That cheese! Those chips!

Here's the thing folks. That was a great burger. But it wasn't the best one on the menu that night.

A food truck newbie pal o' mine (we'll call him Greg, because that's his name) ordered the Oktoburger by the mere fact that it was not a typical burger. After he dug in, he insisted I have a bite. Holy freaking shit, that burger was amazing! The 80/20 patty, bbq sauce, caramelized apple, smoked gouda, caramel drizzle and chopped peanuts.

What!? The!? F@#$!?

My brain said "that's crazy!" My mouth said "shut up, fool!" Pure magic.

My mistake, and it will never happen again. Thankfully, my other pal Anthony is famous for not finishing his food. So I scored half his Oktoburger as well.

Glad to have those crazy delicious Wagyu burgers back within reach, and with a whole host of possibilities.

The Food: 
The Classic! That amazing 80/20 patty that we all long for.
That beer cheese! Couldn't wait for a snap
Truck #: 
Thursday, October 17, 2013

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