Haute and Ready

Haute: fashionably elegant or high-class.

Ask anyone and you'll get a variety of answers on how to pronounce it: Out... Hawt... Ought... Hote... Oat.

I used to think it was "Hote" until I recently thought it was "Hawt." And that's just funny to say.

Well, I got schooled by my French-speaking coworker this afternoon after recapping today's OUTing (ha ha) and it's more like "Oat."

That was lesson one.

Then on Facebook, my pic of the Philly Cheesesteak from the truck was HOTly (nope) contested. Being from the midwest, I'm certainly no expert on the sandwich and I was genuinely surprised by the slightly melted slice of American cheese along with the provolone.

After some cursory research, I found this to be one of several traditional preparations. Well, apparently in Philly, it's all about the Cheez Whiz. I OUGHT (wrong) to have known!

That was lesson two.

Yeah, whatever.

All I know is the sandwich was mighty tasty when it met my face. That shaved ribeye melted in my mouth and was bursting with flavor. I thought the flatbread added a nice twist to the traditional torpedo. And, while skeptical about the cheese combo, it worked perfectly.

Haute and Ready is another newbie truck that I was lucky enough to score in the first month out. A few other coworkers joined me on my lunch run and they were equally pleased with their take.

What I'm simply dying to try are some of those wings listed on the website menu. Irish car bomb wings? Chipotle and jalapeño? Parmesan encrusted?

Sign! Me! Up!

The Food: 
The apparently controversial Philly Cheesesteak!
Truck #: 
Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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