Happy Lobster Truck

I may have mentioned that I’ve been slacking on this site and my main mission. Heck, this is the second new truck that I hadn’t even added to my Hit List yet.

That’s not to say that I haven’t been eating from food trucks (or their bizarro brick-and-mortar counterparts) on a fairly consistent basis. It’s just that my hunt for new trucks has slowed.

It’s completely a mixed blessing that @ChiFoodTruckHub is hosting food trucks at the MerchMart every Friday. On the one hand, the trucks are finally coming to me. On the other hand, I really like to take summer Fridays off.

Thankfully, my trusty sidekick was galavanting around India this time, which meant I had no choice but to be in the office.

Thanks Eva.

I’ve been building up a shellfish craving for quite some time now (could be all those Angry Crab pics on my Instagram feed) and I was just thinking about lobster the other day. So it was insanely perfect timing that the Happy Lobster Truck would be right outside the office.

One look at the menu and two things were patently obvious:
1. Angry lobster roll.
2. Fried lobster mac and cheese balls.

Oh, but I still agonized in line, wondering if I should get the junior roll combo so I could try all three. But sanity got the better part of me and I stuck to my guns.

Until seeing this bad boy, I hadn’t realized these lobster rolls are on a round bun, because that gives more surface area for butter. Because, well, more butter. And between those perfectly toasted buttery buns is nothing but huge chunks of lobster meat, with a light hit of dressing.

Oh, and the fried lobster mac and cheese balls? Yeah.

I’m pretty sure my head blew clean off back at the office after I snarfed down my lunch. Hey, maybe that’s why it took me almost a week to post this.

What a slacker.

The Food: 
Angry lobster and fried lobster mac balls
Truck #: 
Friday, September 18, 2015

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