Bruges Brothers

Not sure how to explain it, but it’s simply been a long time since I’ve scored a new food truck. Sure I had a few food truck hits and bizarro missions here and there since April, but you can definitely say I’ve been on hiatus. Heck, I didn’t even have Bruges Brothers on my hit list yet!

Part of it is the lack of activity near work. Part of it is the non-stop food-and-drink orgy that’s been taking place since I moved to Logan Square in May.

Enough of that.

What looked like the usual private food truck happenings on Fridays in front of the Merchandise Mart is apparently an open Food Truck Friday weekly deal hosted by @CHIFoodTruckHub in front of Luxe Home Chicago. And five weeks in, I finally got my chance to partake.

And partake I did.

Four of us made the blissfully short trip across the street, where half hit up Yum Dum and half waited for fancy fries.

When I saw oxtail poutine on the menu board, it was all over. Yum and yum. And while waiting in line, I spied some shell eggs through the window. Surely for sauces, I thought…until I noticed the mention of fried egg for the Croque Madame fries.

So naturally, I asked for a good-old fried egg on top of my fries. Because #eggoneverything baby.

This is a monstrous helping of fries. And I was thoroughly impressed with how much the topping worked its way down, making its way to every single fry in the enormous cone. The fries were nice and crispy (if a tad salty for my tastes) and the egg mingled perfectly with the meaty gravy and melting cheese curds.

Talk about coming back in style!

The Food: 
Oxtail poutine with a fried egg!
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Friday, August 21, 2015

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