Ice Cubed

Ok, final stop at the Jefferson Park Arts Fest. Gourmet ice cream? Yes, please! I had fun checking out the website the day before: ice cream served up in cube form. Neat idea. Hence, the name. Bonus: This was the truck's first week out

We chatted it up with Erika for a bit. I pushed the Merch. Promises were made. Dessert was ordered.

It was so hard to choose. I went with the Black Velvet. Chocolate ice cream (that's an understatement), brownie bits, cream cheese and scotch caramel? Soooo good. What a way to end the day. And I wasn't sure I'd be able to hit them all. Yay me!

Fast forward a few weeks. I'm having a nice chat with Chicago Cupcake and who drives by honking and waving? Yes, Ice Cubed. Funny, she promised to hit the Mart. Hasn't happened. Come here twitter.

A little razzing and the following week we had ourselves Lake and Clinton landing. I was determined to try this insane sounding popsicle I nearly ordered the first time: the Italian Prix Fixe. A five-course dinner in popsicle form: prosecco; beet and arugula salad; prosciutto; veal ragu and tomato confit; and tiramisu to finish it up.


The very next day was the Food Truck Social. After four more trucks, I just had to stop by and say hello. Never did the same truck two days in a row, nor did I plan to. But come on! Who was I kidding? Achievement(s) unlocked.

I was torn between pepperoni ice cream and the peaches and white whiskey popsicle. We both agreed that booze is generally the way to go. Easy enough. And damn, that was one killer popsicle.

Now I need that pepperoni ice cream.

The Food: 
Black velvet: black onyx ice cream, brownie bits, cream cheese ribbon, smoky scotch caramel. 7/28/12
Prix fixe: Italy, 8/24/12
Yeah baby!
Peaches and white whiskey, 8/25/12
Truck #: 
Saturday, July 28, 2012

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