La Jefa

A colleague and I were headed to the Sheraton today to unpack some event banners for my company's upcoming conference starting this weekend. The plan was to grab lunch after, but I've been so busy lately, that I hadn't taken the time to pick a spot.

Imagine my surprise and delight when we passed La Jefa just behind Bop Bar at NBC Tower.

Lunch plans...check.

I was a bit crestfallen when I saw that there was no al pastor today. I generally judge a taco joint by a trio of carne asada, al pastor, and chicken. Chicken being, IMHO, the weakest link.

So steak, chicken, and what else? Veg? Fish? Tough call, but I went fish. Which was a risk, because fish tacos are all over the place in they way they are prepared.

All I can say is I'm kinda glad there was no pastor. I ate the fish taco first: no slaw, no breading, just a piece of fantastically seasoned seared filet. I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised. The chicken was next and equally loaded with flavor. And the carne asada closed out the trio without letting go. All three tacos simply with cilantro and onion, yet masterfully prepared.

I eagerly look forward to the al pastor!

The Food: 
Taco trio: fish, carne asada, and chicken.
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Thursday, March 23, 2017