Lucy's Food Truck

After chatting with Damian (owner of the Pierogi Wagon, also of the former Soho Food Truck now rebranded as Lucy's) I knew I was safe to return on Day Two of the Logan Square Food Truck Social for my sixth and final new truck of the fest.

In his words, either the spicy chicken sandwich or the burger were the way to go.

That pic of the chicken sandwich on the side of the truck was doing its job, so that was the way I went. That, and a side of garlic aioli fries. Because garlic aioli fries.

This sandwich is a monster. Perfect level of spice and the pickles and slaw are just right.

The aioli on the fries (not pictured) was delicious, though not quite the drizzle that the menu suggests. More like a solid layer of incredible.

Now I need to try that burger! And the loaded fries.

And just like my first time at Pierogi Wagon, I needed to insist I pay, reminding Damian of the rules.

Next time, friend. Next time.

The Food: 
Monster spicy fried chicken!
Sweet truck art
Truck #: 
Saturday, October 15, 2016

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