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My last stop for the first day of the Logan Square Food Truck social and I had to have a chat with the fellow in front of the truck. With the prospect of rain, he wasn't sure if he'd be back tomorrow, so I had to eat something tonight.

I had been trying to get this truck since the very first mission of Food Truck 50, and I used to be vegan, so I really needed to know what his best item was for me to try.

He said it was a tough call between the seitan BBQ delights and the deep dish pizza, but that the pizza was going like gangbusters, so that was what I did.

I'll be honest: it wasn't for me. But vegan cheese is really tough to do.

That said, the truck was indeed there the next day, and I had a vegetarian with us in our group and she loved it.

So if vegan pizza is your thing, this may be the only deep dish you can get.

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Vegan deep dish
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

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