Meatyballs Mobile

I vehemently hate the feature in the latest version of the Twitter app where, if a bunch of people I follow did something, Twitter decides that it had best interrupt my day to let me know. Normally, this irks me to no end.

Well, earlier this week, there was a slew of retweets announcing the Meatyballs Mobile would make a one-day reprise, raining free meatballs upon the city at locations entirely dependent upon tweet requests.


You see, Meatyballs was one of the original Chicago food trucks and closed up shop before my shenanigans began. In my early days, I can't tell you how many times people asked me whether I had tried it. To which I could only sadly reply no.

And so with unbridled enthusiasm, I logged on to see what's up. Well, basically nothing: "details to come."

Fantastic. Our company's conference is in a week and it's been full tilt for the past couple of months. Heck, I've been trying desperately to score Ms. Tittles Cupcakes (heh, heh, I can't help but laugh every time I say that) at Hubbard and Wells for three weeks running, but between this schizo weather and my crazy schedule, it's been all no-go.

So of course this once-in-a-lifetime chance would come when I am least likely to profit. Makes. Perfect. Sense.

Dutiful fellow that I am, I kept tabs. Thursday's the day. Free meatballs. Schedule to be announced. Ok. I wait. I hope.

If you've followed along, you all know by now that Merchandise Mart gets little love from the food trucks, given minimal parking in offbeat locations. Can't blame the trucks, really but it's just plain sad.

So imagine my shock when this morning's tweet announced MerchMart as the first stop. Holy shit. And I'm on crazy deadlines and in meetings all afternoon. This could either way.

And then it happened: "First stop: Aiming for Hubbard and Orleans!"

Timing could not have been more perfect. I was at a stopping point between projects, so I grabbed Eva and headed down to wait. As luck would have it, I was first in line when the truck pulled up, and I literally could not wait to eat this man's balls.

On deck were three different flavors, one being original. Considering the historic value of this mission, original all the way. "Would you like a ball sack?" I am asked, to which I naturally reply, "I would love a ball sack in my hand right now."

And oh my, that man has some tasty balls. Basically a giant meatball slider with a white gravy. Hmmm. Whatever. It was delicious.

Yes, this crazy score breaks all the rules, and that's ok. My site. My mission. My rules.

The Food: 
The original hot ball of meat!
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Thursday, March 13, 2014