Gino's Steaks Truck

I just love it when my reputation precedes me. Apparently, when Mike from Gino's Steaks Truck was getting ready to launch, he was tipped off about my little hobby and that he should get my attention. And his excitement about me hitting up the truck last week was palpable.

Feelin' the love, baby.

So far, this winter has been brutal for food-truckin'. Most trucks don't land within a mile of where I work (though there's a slowly growing movement to change that) so once Gino's Steaks hit the streets, all I could do was dream.

Naturally, I suggested to Fischman Liquors that they host Gino's at Tap This, and is precisely what came to pass last week. Huzzah!

So when I bellied up to the truck and introduced myself, Mike insisted I step on board his renovated '78 SWAT truck. I'll tell you this, friends and neighbors, 90 trucks in and this is only the third truck I've ever stepped foot onto. Craziness, right? But I digress.

After getting the grand tour, I heeded Mike's advice on dinner: steak sandwich, Chicago style, with cheddar, with an order of fries for good measure. Those taters (two different kinds, mind you) are cut fresh on the truck.

The smells on that truck were intoxicating and I couldn't wait to dig in to my steak sammie. First off, that beast is enormous, and cheesy beyond belief. Secondly, my steak sandwich was magically vegetarian! Roasted peppers, onions, mushrooms, the works. No worries, I'm a reformed vegetarian and even have a Meatless mission, so it was all good.

And holy shiznit! Talk about a foodgasm! That sandwich would have melted the brain of any carnivore. While we're on the subject of melted, that cheddar is insanity sauce. Whatever they've got going on in there, they need to bottle it and sell it. Oh, wait...

So of course, while shooting the breeze, I suggested my efforts at luring trucks to Hubbard and Wells. Imagine my surprise when that following Tuesday, he did just that. And so I got my steak sandwich after all. The meat is so tender and there is a ridiculous amount of it.

Love this truck!

The Food: 
Veggie sandwich. Crazy delicious.
Finally got my steak sandwich! So much meat!
Truck #: 
Thursday, February 6, 2014