Mr Quiles Taco Truck

After a short break and some more time to digest, we headed back for round 2 of the Logan Square Food Truck Social, where this truck instantly caught my attention earlier.

Why do you ask? Well, it was blaring Du Hast from Rammstein.

Tacos and Rammstein? Hell yes!

I got a trio of tacos: asada, al pastor, and picadillo. And I ordered them in the proper style, with cilantro and onions.

While waiting, I asked for some more Rammstein and they happily obliged, only to get their hand slapped by event staff for being too loud. Sorry guys, but I gave them an extra $5 tip for the trouble.

There was no place to sit, so handling these foil wrapped infernos was challenging, but once they cooled a bit, I was in heaven.

Legit tacos are happening on this truck!

The Food: 
Taco trio: asada, al pastor, and picadillo
Truck #: 
Saturday, October 15, 2016

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