Saint Lou's Assembly

Returning a third time to the Logan Square Food Truck Social, I needed to start focusing on strategy. Two new trucks so far, four more to hit.

Saint Lou's was not returning on Sunday, so that meant it was next in my sights.

I ordered up some Tasso ham with biscuits and braised greens. While waiting, I asked if I should be trying the fried peas. The reply, "here, I'll just give them to you."

Holy hell! You should be eating the fried peas. Even though they were free, they were so good I tipped the price.

As for the ham, holy hell! You should be eating the ham. It was a good portion for the price and so rich and tender. The greens were melt-in-your mouth delicious. If there had been sausage gravy for that biscuit, I might have died.

In other news, I couldn't help but notice this is the old Hummingbird Kitchen truck. RIP Hummingbird.

The Food: 
Tasso ham with bicsuite and braised greens
Fried peas!!!!
Truck #: 
Saturday, October 15, 2016

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