With my appetite whetted by a full burger and fries from The Wagyu Wagon, it was on to the next truck at the Jeff Park Arts Fest.

SamichBox has been teasing me the last few months by stopping everywhere but the nearby Merch stops. I had the opportunity to hit it the day before, as was the plan, to alleviate the would-be gut busting of eating from four food trucks at one stop. Alas, knowing it would be at the fest, I would have been a fool to pass up Beyond Borders.

I made that mistake before.

Plus, while I recently downgraded my mission to 30 trucks, seeing that I was already near that number, I simply had to throw down and call it 50. That meant it was time to man up and get busy. And oh, look Mr. Samich Man: you just put me exactly halfway there.

Had a nice chat with owner, along with the usual mild harassment for not spreading the #merchmart love.

I played it safe and split an order with my brother. I was secretly hoping the dude would recommend the spicy duck mole, and look at that, he did! Again, I'm a sucker for those less common meats. The smoked hog was really calling to me as well, so it was a tough call. Hell, even the vegetarian samich sounded amazing.

So delicious. So rich. So tender. I so want more from this truck. He later tweeted that he'd stop near the Merch soon so I could get that smoked hog.

Uh...any day now. ;)

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Spicy duck mole samich
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

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