The Wagyu Wagon

You have no idea.

So my folks live in Jefferson Park and have a yearly block party that was coming up. Oh, hey, what's this buzz on twitter about? Food trucks at the Jefferson Park Arts Festival. Hmmm...same day as the block party. Convenient.

Shut!! The!! Front!! Door!!

The Ultra Rare food truck that is The Wagyu Wagon would be merely a short jaunt from where I was already headed?!? RUFKM?!?!

I just about wet myself.

There was no way on God's Green Earth I was missing this! Time to hit up the bros and see if they'd be in for a pre-block-party feast. In all, four trucks would be there that Saturday. Four food trucks I needed. One in particular that I've been drooling over for months now.

This would be #epic.

I could barely contain myself as I strolled up to this monster of meat, taking in all the meaty aromas wafting from the truck. Angels were singing; unicorns prancing in fields of rainbows.

I had a bit of a chuckle as I ordered the Dirty Sanchez: half pound 80% Wagyu 20% bacon patty with avocado, pepper jack, chorizo, roasted poblano and spicy ketchup. Plus a side of fries.

The three of us were nearly speechless as we devoured our burgers, breaking the silence with random bits of praise.

If you ever get the chance, drop what you're doing, cancel your plans, and hit this truck. You're welcome.

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The Dirty Sanchez
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

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