Soups in the Loop

What began as a simple tweet from Bridgeport Pasty evolved into a pretty epic day. The Pasty Truck let me know he'd be at 600 West. Nice. As the morning unfolded, I caught wind of two other needed trucks: Soups in the Loop and Southern Mac and Cheese.

Three lunches. It's old hat by now. To the streets people!

We had a good sized group too: me, Eva and Iva, EDC, Jim and Noob Jessi. (About time, dude. WTF?)

Now, Soups is another truck that I've noticed only lately, and we had started an exchange trying to coordinate a landing. Dearborn and Monroe is a weekly spot, but that's a bit far for me. So I was quite pleased to get a crack at this truck a little closer to home.

So I chatted it up a bit with the driver. By now, I'm getting used to the typical "damn, that's even more trucks than I've been to" response as I toss out my current spot on my mission. And I have to pass on the suggestion of sides to go with my soup. Gotta keep it light, triple lunch and all.

A big fat bowl of lobster bisque for me! That won't be too heavy. Heh, heh.

Damn good soup too! Kudos to this truck for pulling off hot soup in the hot summer months. Really looking forward to some hot soup in cooler weather.

The Food: 
Lobster bisque!