Starfruit Cafe

I always like tweets along the lines of "we'll do whatever we can to help you reach your goal." So stated Starfruit Cafe.

Music to my ears!

"When will you be at #600w next?" I ask. "Definitely tomorrow, either 12 or 1," is the reply. Hmm. Specific, yet vague. With a 20-minute walk between announcement and arrival, I wasn't sure how I was going to pull this one off.

But pull it off I must!

Eva was working on a several-day craving of fish and chips. Where better to satisfy that craving? Big and Little's, notch! Not coincidence that the restaurant is merely blocks away from 600 West.

Momma didn't raise no fool.

I knew I also had to hit up Jibarito Stop for some pistachio cake. But no word from them yet, and we have to beat the line at Big and Little's, so gotta go.

My truck senses were tingling within blocks of leaving, so I glanced to the right. Hey, is that a particular monstrous black truck parked on the corner a few blocks down? Let me check my twitter...yep! Jibarito just landed. Detour!

Cake in hand, it was time for lunch. And cross our fingers for news from Starfruit. As if orchestrated by the food truck gods themselves, Starfruit landed at 600 West just as we were finishing lunch (and first dessert). To the truck!

I'm fairly certain the nice young woman working the truck that day had no freaking clue who this crazy person snapping pics of the truck was. Or this nonsense about a website. Some crazy mission. Truck 47? Why is he taking pictures of his food on my lovely chrome shelf? Bug off whack job!

Going out on a limb here, but I don't think she handled their twitter account. Just a feeling.

I went with the original, topped with heath bar crunch.

I'll have you know, it's been quite some time since I've had yogurt of any kind (yeah, this is kefir, same thing). So the first few bites were, shall we say, shocking. But I took it like a man since I had to eat the food to count the truck.

Plus we had to eat it as we quickly walked back to work. It was hot. The kefir was melting. I was stuffed to the gills.

It wasn't easy. But I dutifully ate every last bite as I settled back into my previous enjoyment of frozen cultured treats.

Next time I'll get the flavored.

The Food: 
Original frozen kefir with heath bar crunch.