The Jibarito Stop

The Jibarito Stop was another truck determined to help out a nut job like me.

Our first attempt was a #fail on 8/29 due to unexpected problems on the truck. That was the week following the Food Truck Social where I hit a complete dry patch and didn't score a single new truck.

I hadn't heard anything in a while from them, so I shot a desperation tweet out on 9/4. Little did I know, they had already let me know of a 9/5 #merchmart stop, but on my still new @foodtruck50 account.

Ay caramba!

Tom, Schu, Eva and I set out with no real destination in sight. Ice Cubed was trolling the area, but with no chance at parking. Jibarito had tweeted earlier they were running late.

All dressed up and nowhere to go. What to do?


Eva needed some hooch and Eric was determined to find some godforsaken fruity beer, so off we went to kill some time.

Jibarito announced their landing just as we were wrapping. Perfect!

It was great chatting with the lovely ladies of this monster truck. Since I had never had one before, the steak jibarito was a no-brainer for me. Added bonus: a free side of sweet plantains (maduros). Nice!

Damn that thing was huge! Fair warning: they're not shy on the garlic, which I happen to love. And of course, traditional Puerto Rican rice with pigeon peas. And those sweet plantains, awesome.

My first jibarito was a success.

Apparently I missed out on the pistachio cake which @chifoodtruckz was going on and on about, so I just had to have some. The following week when I saw they'd stop near Merch, I just had to secure one for myself. Oddly enough, I'd be hitting Starfruit Cafe's truck that day so it was another two-dessert lunch. My solution? Eat it at Big and Little's while waiting for word of Starfruit's landing. Brilliant, I know.

I'm a big fan of all things pistachio, so this hit a home run with me.

Keep it coming ladies. Keep it coming.

The Food: 
Steak Jibarito! 9/5/12.
Pistachio cake! 9/12/12.