Here's yet another truck I've been tweeting for several weeks before they hit the streets. There were all sorts of hold ups based on new and changing ordinances and regulations.

Quit it Chicago! Can't you see I'm on a mission here?!?

But the day has finally arrived and the timing is perfect letting me hit two new trucks at UofC. I got my MoJo, so on to StopNGo.

Oh yeah, and I'm supposed to meet up with @uchiNOMgo himself. So as we left and along the way, we had this little chat on twitter:

Me: we are headed your way!! How do we meet up?
uchiNOMgo: What time you going to be down? We normally get out right around noon, and 58th & Ellis is the center of the action.
Me: right about noon!
uchiNOMgo: Cool. I'll look out for you by the bookstore.
Me: ok where's that? I'm at @mjexpress14 now, headed to @StopNGoChicago next
uchiNOMgo: in line at @StopNGoChicago now.
Me: walking over right now

So I see this hefty line at the truck (way to go StopNGo!) and I have no idea what this dude even looks like. Ok, to be quite honest, I don't even know it's a dude at this point. So I'm all "uh, any of you know uchiNOMgo?" Lo and behold, I'm standing right next to him. Swell! That explains why you've been checking me out this whole time.

Pleasantries and chit chat commence as we near the truck. Followed by important, life changing matters. For more on that, you'll just have to keep reading. (damn cliffhangers!)

Finally, a truck who knows what I'm talking about when I go through the intro spiel. Now to the matter at hand: do you recommend the pig or the cevapi. In my mind I'm chanting "Say slow roasted pig! Say slow roasted pig!" And he says: try the cevapi. It's the more traditional food, beef sausages, fresh made bread, butter and cream cheese spread.

How can I resist? I love the authentic foods some of these trucks are serving up.

That sandwich was huge. And it was delicious. The raw onions and the spread are so good with the mildly spiced sausages. Oh, and I can't forget the coleslaw. Solid, solid meal.

And now I need to get back for the pig! That and I distinctly heard the word Nutella bandied about.

Must do my research.

The Food: 
Cevapi and coleslaw. You must try this!