Tamale Foodie

With Big Food Truck Week behind me, this time we are headed back to 600 West Chicago for another two-fer. This is my last week before my Epic Road Trip. (Just about Everything is a Proper Noun in my head. Sorry, just the way I'm wired.)

On deck today: Tamale Foodie and Caponies Express, two trucks I've been following for some time now.

I had seen Tamale Foodie once before at the RepChi event. They were just arriving as we where getting set to bounce, so wasn't really an option then. But I've been intrigued by their menu: tamales containing ingredients you don't normally get in a tamale. Things like Italian sausage and jerk chicken. Savory cupcakes too: pepperoni pizza, ham and cheese, mac and cheese. Novel concept.

By the time we got there, the truck had been hit pretty hard (always a good sign) and the choices were few. Italian sausage tamale for me please! Just one. Again, gotta go light because Caponies is up next so it's a double lunch day, not a sweet and savory dealie.

This was weird. Weird in an good way, but weird. I didn't get a sauce which could have improved the experience, but I'm definitely down for some other selections from this crazy truck.

I wholly subscribe to food fusion.

The Food: 
Italian sausage tamale. Whatchoo talkin' about Willis?