Caponies Express

Next stop at the venerable 600 West Chicago food truck mecca: Caponies Express. This is another monster truck, generator and all. I want to say this is the first truck I've seen with a generator. At least that I've noticed anyway. Craziness!

Hmm, choices, choices. Individual deep dish or Arancini (deep fried stuffed rice balls). Never had that before. Maybe. What's that? You have pepperoni deep dish? Ok, sign me up! I am going light, after all.

After my pair of Tamale Foodie Italian sausage tamales as an appetizer, which thematically worked out, almost as if I had planned it (I didn't), it was time for some pie! You should know this about me: I'm a pepperoni snob. And I was vegetarian/vegan for several years and this would be my first pepperoni since coming back to the dark side of the food.

The verdict? Delicious! Solid crust. Great seasoning on the sauce. Just the right amount of cheese. And the pepperoni is a winner in my book.

Good job fellas!

The Food: 
Deep dish pepperoni pizza.