The Southern Mac & Cheese Truck

The Southern Mac and Cheese Truck. I'll just let that soak in a little.



Ah. There we go.

I've been longing for this truck for quite some time now. First off: mac and cheese? Hello! And the flavors? BBQ brisket...mexican chorizo...spinach and artichoke. I could go on. I gotta get me some mac!

Pleasantries and introductions aside, time for the goods. I'm a sucker for spicy, so spicy BBQ chicken and pepper-jack for me. Sure I've had lobster mac and bacon mac, but a pepper jack mac? With BBQ chicken? Sweet!

After soup and a sandwich, there was no way I was eating all of this, so just a taste. Only half. Let's be reasonable. Besides, the leftovers would go great with dinner.

Good stuff! Can't wait to get my hands on those Makers Mark braised apples.

The Food: 
Spicy BBQ chicken and pepper-jack mac!
Truck #: 
Friday, August 10, 2012

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