Little Salad Truck

I just love this concept. For anyone who may think food trucks unhealthy, here you go: a salad truck.

Despite what I share publicly, I eat mostly vegetarian and a generally health diet. Good thing, too. Otherwise I'd be a tad larger after from eating out so much, especially all the doubles, triples and more.

I will say that I had a lackluster response from my coworkers, and as a result went on a solo run to Lake and Clinton.

The trucker said the Bleu Buffalo was the best seller, so that was good enough for me. Salad was nice and fresh, great taste to the buffalo chicken and the dressing was perfect.

Nice job! A few more bells and whistles would really put this over the top.

I am curious how this truck has fared over the past weeks. It takes balls to roll a salad truck right next to The Roost selling fried chicken and biscuits (as was the case that day). I hope the customers recognize the brilliance here.


The Food: 
Bleu Buffalo!
Truck #: 
Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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