The Tamale Spaceship

Ok, so having thoroughly enjoyed the whole cupcake truck experience, and the fact that this was the truck my coworker Eva and I originally sought on our failed attempt, it was only natural that this food truck was up next.

Once more, off we went, and with better intel this time around. The ship was set to land near the Willis Tower and we were on a mission.

I can tell you this, I was thoroughly excited as we approached this giant silver machine. And parked right behind it was the e.leaven truck...this shit was serious! (I curse myself to this day for not doubling down as I have yet to score e.leaven, hard as I try.)

Decisions, decisions. Ok, that pork tamale with habanero sauce and pickled onions had my name all over it. Done. Eva couldn't decide between the pork and the duck so she decided to get one of each since you get two tamales for just under eight bucks.

Let me remind you: we were both extreme newbies when it came to food trucks. Especially in Chicago with the crazy restrictions.

Chit chat aside (how do you not engage a couple of dudes decked out in Mexican wrestling masks?), tamales in hand, we set off for the return trip to the office. Hold up...Eva gave a $20 and only a few dollars and change in return. Back to the window. What's that? You can't mix and match so there was one pair of each of the duck and pork? That's crazy! We didn't realize at that time that interacting with the food in any way, shape or form was strictly forbidden. Trooper that she is, Eva decided to keep them all. She was just hoping they'd be worth it.

And oh were they ever! Big fat tamales and crazy delicious sauce. Nice!

Since then I've been back twice: once for the flank steak tamal with black mole and more recently for the seasonal duck tamal with date mole and sun-dried cranberries.

The Food: 
Picturesque tamal de Puerco, 5/1/12
Love the mask!
Complicate tamal de Carne, 5/24/12
Strike a pose, boys!
Seasonal Tamal de Pato, 8/16/12
Truck #: 
Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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