Haute Sausage

By now, I had the beginnings of a serious obsession going on. And already a buzz had started in the office around my latest craze. Time to hit a new truck: Haute Sausage, this time with two coworkers in tow.

And lucky for us, this was an even closer landing: right on Hubbard and Wells, near the Merchandise Mart where I work. I remember it like it was yesterday. The three of us set out to find this truck. I had already done my research and decided there was no way I was getting a standard sausage. Not with such exotic possibilities as Bison or Boar. Are you kidding me? Where in Chicago can you score links like that?

So we strolled up to the intersection, but with no truck insight. Still being new to the whole food truck scene, this was looking like yet another setback. Then we spotted the little truck making its way towards us. I was realizing these trucks really come in all shapes and sizes. And it pulled up and parked exactly where we were waiting. Righteous!

Decision time upon us, we decided to get three different sausages and then split them in the office so we could each taste them. Me: the wild boar, of course. Eva: cabo bacon cheddar. And Tom: phuket duck. Mission accomplished, it was time to head back to the office and divvy these up.

Of the three, the boar was my favorite. Nice rich flavor. The others were close runners up. Well played Mr. Sausage Man...well played.

The Food: 
Left to right: cabo bacon cheddar, phuket duck, wild boar
Truck #: 
Thursday, May 3, 2012

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