5411 Empanadas

Ok, we bagged our buns, so now it was time for more tasty hand held treats. So where's the next truck? I don't see it. Oh, here it comes. Wait...there it goes! Come back!

So my crew turns to me as if I know what's up. Hell if I know. Let's just wait. They must just be going around the block. Keep your pants on.


Patience, it's a virtue. It's one I don't possess. And that's a good thing because it saved my bacon this day. See, I have AT&T. AT&T blows. Basically no way to share pics or check in on the streets by the Mart. Having learned that important bit o' knowledge from prior runs, I was packing a wifi hotspot. Listen kids, I don't mess around.

Come on Twitter, don't fail me now. Hey what's this? Our truck just posted: no parking so they're just around the corner. Nice!

I say again: Nice! What a selection. After inquiring as to the size of these babies, I maybe went a bit overboard. Four for me please: sweet corn, caramelized onion and parmesan, ham and cheese, and banana nutella (I know, right?!).

Needless to say, I was a bit full putting down four emps and a pair of kung pao bao, but damn those are some pockets of tasty goodness. Which is why I couldn't pass this truck up the next time I saw it (exactly one month later...spooky, I know) on my way back from a failed two-fer mission. Round two included the beef and the ratatouille.

Hmm...I smell a side quest a-brewin'!

The Food: 
Sweet corn, 5/14/12
Caramelized onion and parmesan, 5/14/12
Ham and cheese, 5/14/12
Banana nutella, sooo good, 5/14/12
See...it's no wonder I got so many.
Left: beef; Right: ratatouille, 6/14/12
Truck #: 
Monday, May 14, 2012

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