Wow Bao

Hot asian buns...Buns on the run...Need I say more?

Ok, I'll admit, my mind was conjuring up images other than the two white dudes that were selling steamed buns out of a van. But I often build things up in my mind only to find something entirely different when reality sets in. As a general rule, my version kicks ass.

Turning to the mission then, this was to be another two-fer following up the weekend's big event at RepChi. What's more, this was shaping up to be a giant week: I had decided to truck every day.

That's right folks. No lie. You see, I was gearing up for an epic vacation starting Memorial Day weekend taking me into mid-June. That was going to seriously cut into my food truckin' so it was go big or go home week.

Target: Lake & Clinton. On deck: Wow Bao and 5411 Empanadas. And with two food truck n00bz from the office no less: Phil and EDC, with a repeat performance from Tom.

I went light knowing I was going to also shove some emps into my face hole, so I only got the Spicy Chicken Kung Pao Bao. Considering the variety and that there are sweet baos, the possibilities are endless with this truck.

Oh hey now...what was that on the menu? Check in via foursquare to get offers. "How in hell do you check into a food truck?" I asked. "Do a search and it'll show up as a moving target," Zen Bun Dude replies. "Kick ass!" I retort. Yeah, I overshare. What, you haven't figured that out yet?

Pardon me while I return to my version of asian buns...

The Food: 
Spicy chicken kung pao bao.
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Monday, May 14, 2012

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