Beavers Donuts

If you've been keeping up, then you should realize by now that I'm determined to get as many people as I know at least a small fraction as obsessed as I am. So sets the stage for my next tale.

By this point, I'm using a combination of Time Out Chicago's food truck Twitter list, a couple truck finder sites and my own stream. So one day I catch wind of a donut truck that is cooking donuts fresh on board. This is the second "underground" truck I've read about (The Wagyu Wagon was another at that time) somehow bypassing the antiquated laws preventing Chicago food trucks from cooking on site.

Ah, smart move: they have a catering license and park on private property. I need to check these guys out. Time to shoot off a tweet asking when they'll be near #MerchMart. Fancy that, they'll be not too far away the very next morning.

Works for me. And I think I'll buy a bunch on my way to work (well quite a ways past work and then back again) and share with the office.

All the flavors sound delicious, but I settle in on two dozen: half cinnamon, half powdered for one; and half s'mores, half turtle for the other. A few short minutes later, I was headed back to work, excited about my surprise.

If you've never had freshly fried donuts, well my friend, you are in for a treat. This was one of those swoon moments. Bite sized mini donuts. Still warm. Crispy and lightly crunchy on the outside. So soft on the inside. Wow!

We plowed through those, and a good thing too: they lose their magic crunch after [some period of time that I didn't really feel the need to record].

And yes, my coworkers were quite thankful for the treat. My secret plan for world food truck domination advanced a little further that day.

Oh, and these guys don't mess around. They're currently suing the City of Evanston because of their food truck law which prohibits a truck from rolling their streets unless they also operate a brick and mortar in town. Mad props boys. Fight the good fight!

The Food: 
S'mores minis and turtle minis
Powdered sugar minis and cinnamon sugar minis
Truck #: 
Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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