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If you know anything about me, you know that I am a burrito fan.

In fact, my next two meals will also be burrito. And, if you check out my Instagram feed (sharednoms), you’ll note a consistent thread of burritos (mostly steak) that I have eaten for breakfast (typically Tuesdays) with a fried #eggoneverything egg on top.

El Paraiso in Elgin is responsible for basically all of my burrito happiness. This is bittersweet as I’ll be moving into the city in June.

But it’s also why I’m thrilled that I chose the steak burrito from the menu today for lunch.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m a burrito snob, but I have had mediocre burritos in my day, and I can’t quite quantify the disappointment that happens after biting into a giant sack of meat that delivers only in quantity, not quality.

While Aztec Dave’s burritos (thankfully) aren’t the size of a football, they have surpassed my as-of-this-morning all-time favorite burritos. What really caught my attention was the seasoning of the meat, where char is sometimes the only thing going.

Adding to the magic of my meal were the two sauces on board. Pineapple Devil is sweet and spicy, and honestly something I did not expect to enjoy. That would be sensational on an al Pastor taco (stay tuned). And the Avocado Heaven pretty much just lives up to its name.

Bonus points: Aztec Dave’s first hit the streets in late March, adding another Noob to the roster.

Thankfully for me, Dave seems to like the action he’s seeing at State and Lake. Because now I know where to find his truck on a regular basis.

Can anyone say Full Monty?

The Food: 
Steak burrito with all the sauces!
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Monday, April 6, 2015

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