Harold's Chicken #55

On my walk to work this morning, something caught my eye and I took a quick glance to the right. Wait...what? No...really? 8:45 am and I can see the Harold’s Chicken truck is parked at the Franklin and Randolph stop.

I came *this* close to heading right over there to see if they were serving breakfast or something, but I had some serious tech fails yesterday at work and needed to see how my backups were running.


So, after realizing all of last night’s backups failed, I figured I’d poke at chicagofoodtruckfinder.com and see what was up.

Harold’s Chicken at Franklin and Randolph for lunch. Wait...what? No...really? Seems it’s a pretty regular thing, but I’ve only been aware of one other time that I missed, on a day that I hadn’t brought my lunch, no less. No chance in hell I’d miss it again.

Time to alert the troops! I had to laugh, because the last time I sent a food truck email to my coworkers was back in November before I hit trucks in San Fran. Holy hell, it’s been a long winter.

Looks like we’d be a foursome headed down for lunch, with about a team of 10 or so following about 30 minutes behind. Finally, a good showing!

I tend to go for dark meat, and I was light on cash, so I spied the 2-piece dark meat special with 3 free wings. Sold! Clearly, I missed the fact that the special was TWO 2-piece dark meat meals with the free wings. (I didn’t include the second 2-piece meal in my photo.)

Lucky for me, I know how to handle myself.

Also, I apparently know absolutely nothing about ordering fried chicken from Harold’s. Granted, I haven’t been to the one near the Chicago Hilton & Towers for maybe 15 years. But people were walking up and rattling off all sorts of interesting seasonings and sides that were nowhere to be found on the menu.

I took good mental notes.

Crazy that after a six-month gap between new Chicago food trucks, I’ve already scored two in the span of a week.

Time to get busy!

The Food: 
The dark meat special. Read the fine print!