You know what they say: third time's the charm. That was entirely the case with Babycakes.

I'd always been intrigued by the idea of a pancake truck. I like pancakes. A lot.

First attempt was back when I landed Don Rafa. It was going to be a combo deal, as well as a milestone truck at spot 30. But it wasn't in the cards that day.

My next shot came when I caught a late night tweet mentioning breakfast at 600 West in the morning. Hmm. "Define morning," says I. "8am target, which probably means 8:30," replies Babycakes (ok, so I'm paraphrasing).

So I walked all the way from Union Station to 600 West Chicago. Let me tell you, that's quite the walk. Aaaaaaaand, no truck. Can't really stick around as it's still almost 20 minutes to walk back to the Merch so after learning the driver was still about five minutes out, I had to bail.

Strike two, dang it.

Determined as hell, I was pleased as punch to find out Babycakes did so well at 600 West they'd be back the very next day for lunch. Works for me! Let's give this thing one more try.

This time, success. And crazy karma too: I had set out to hit Babycakes before Sugarpie Cafe. Purely based on freak coincidence, that flipped along the way giving Babycakes a second chance at a milestone spot. Nice save.

Being the Bananas Foster fan that I am (huge), I naturally went with that when presented my options. The big surprise was the free Strawberry Shortcake. Yay me!

Good thing too. The Bananas Foster pancakes were delicious, but that Strawberry Shortcake blew my head clean off. Texture and taste were dead on, and from pancakes no less.

"I want some baby!"

The Food: 
Bananas Foster pancakes. Hell yes.
I want some baby!
Strawberry shortcake. No lie. Mind: blown.