ChiTown Bomber

All kinds of crazy took place the weekend of Food Truck Social.

I was definitely going. I wasn't going. I was going, and on Sunday. I wasn't going. Ah screw it, let's just go already. But on Saturday. Whaaa?!?

See, I had the kids that weekend and Sunday was the better day timing-wise. If we went on Saturday it wouldn't be until later and I was concerned food from trucks I needed would be gone. But Sunday only offered three trucks to check off my list, whereas Saturday offered four. And some elusive ones at that.

But driving from the 'burbs just to hit some food trucks and then heading back home on a Sunday so the kids have time for homework didn't seem worth it. Just how crazy am I?

Well, it turns out, plenty. It was a completely last-minute decision and it paid off big time, especially considering the bad weather that Sunday brought (sorry truckers).

First part of crazy was spying The Slide Ride on the tollway, both there and back. What?!?

Second part of crazy was hitting up ChiTown Bomber on its very first day on the streets. That's right, its very first day on the streets. Achievement unlocked!

Food was soooo tasty. Smoked pulled BBQ chicken with a killer sauce. And that macadamia nut slaw? Amazing.

And this is yet another truck that rises to the top of the ranks for kickass design. Those eyes on the front are wicked!

I want more from this truck.

The Food: 
Smoked pulled BBQ chicken with macadamia nut slaw
More kickassness. Yeah, that's a word.
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

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