Getta Polpetta

Day three of Big Food Truck Week and check this out: Getta Polpetta will be landing at Hubbard and Wells today. What's not to love about a truck that's slingin' giant balls of meat? I know where I'm headed for lunch.

So we're walking, chatting, not paying too much attention. By now, we know the drill. We've been to this stop before so it should be just around the...Ah!...there's the...what the...

That truck is sporting a 'stache! Holy awesome, Batman!

This is my 10th truck and I'm already getting a sense that there's just not a whole lotta #merchmart action, so we chit chat about the need for more visits and what's on tap for today. That would be meat, my friend, in several shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Of course that means I have to get both the meatball sandwich AND a meatball slider.

Hey, what's that sign about? Pay with Level Up. Cryptic. Hmm...I must investigate.

Ok, time for chow. That is one mighty fine meatball. Super tender and just the right amount of spice. And that gravy kicks some ass too.

On to the slider. Now, I have to let you in on a little secret: I hate White Castle with a passion. Just not for me. But this! This calls up a hint of White Castle, but only in the best of ways. If White Castle tasted like this, I could eat there happily, and not just at 3am after a night of drinking so much that I won't remember how bad it tasted the next day.


The Food: 
Meatball sandwich. So tasty.
This guy...not so tasty.
Meatball slider. What White Castle *should* taste like!