Bergstein's NY Deli

Ah, meat. If you've been reading along, I alluded to the fact that I was recently vegan.

Well, it's been a year and a half. Was vegetarian for a while before that. In all, I was probably meatless for nigh on six years. Granted, I was a hardcore carnivore prior to that, but I shocked my friends and neighbors both when I departed the meat wagon, and when I got back on.

Which brings me to my next truck: Bergstein's NY Deli.

Fistfuls of meat sandwiches.

I love a great reuben. I'm a sucker for a corned beef on rye. But pastrami? I'm always so swooned by the other two sandwiches that I always forget about it. In fact, it's probably been over 25 years since I had a pastrami.

Time to fix that. And this truck was finally landing at Lake and Clinton. By now, my truck hits are limited to repeats or trekking to 600 West because I had hit the Merch-area regulars. (It was at this point that I decided to downplay my original, albeit unlikely, goal to hit all Chicago food trucks to just 30.)

Order up!

Now I don't have the experience to compare on meat merits alone, but I did hit Manny's for a corned beef before the trucks took me by storm, so at least there's a NY-style deli comparison.

Verdict? Winner winner chicken dinner.

The Food: 
Pastrami on rye with a pickle.
Truck #: 
Friday, July 20, 2012

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