Blue Street Market

I’ve been intrigued by this new enormity in blue since I first learned they were bringing tasty sammiches to the streets of Chicago. They serve breakfast as well, but with my suburban commute, that’s a tall order and I’m trying to cut down on second breakfast.

Last week, when I hit Da Lobsta, I was hoping to do a double lunch (because, cutting down) but time got the best of me, so I sadly had to pass.

And then I heard they’d be serving up at last week’s Tap This.


My summer has been a busy one and it’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to make the trek to Fischman Liquors for their biweekly food truck and beer love fest. But when they announced it was going to be another local beer night, there was no way I could miss it. The fact that Blue Street would be on deck was merely icing on the cake.

That day was also my company outing, where I started my shenanigans at Whirlyball. So by the time we arrived at The Fisch, I was well on my way to blotto, and some tasty noms were in tall order.

When I asked the man for a recommendation, he went with the Firecracker Chicken sandwich with no hesitation. Done! And then he tossed in an eggplant sandwich on top of that, because, well, me.

I like that about me.

That was one damn (ok, two) fine sandwich. Plenty of flavor and a really tasty side of shell pasta. The bread is fresh and delicious and does a great job soaking up all sorts of saucy deliciousness into it’s soft underbelly.

I had totally forgotten to ask the reason for the oddly shaped truck. Luckily, they were just closing up as we headed out, so I got the skinny: it was formerly a SPAM promotional truck. Of course! I knew that shape was oddly familiar. Look for the SPAM mud flaps in the back.

In other news, I’ve entered the final 5! Wooooo!

The Food: 
Firecracker chicken with sriracha slaw
Eggplant sandwich with marinara