When this rolling work of art first hit the streets a few months ago, it was hard to get to, serving mostly at events and an occasional lunch service. Lately, lunch is becoming more of the norm, but still far enough from Merch Mart that it was always just out of reach.

Until last weekend. In Woodstock.


Crazy, right? Last week, I had noticed a bit too late that they were serving up at NBC Tower, so I checked the schedule on their site. Hmm. No luck there. How about the events page? What's this? Woodstock Oktoberfest? That's out by me.

Also quite appropriate to find this truck serving up Berlin street food at an Oktoberfest.

So on this chilly fall day, Jeekie Joanne and I aimed for the Woodstock Water Works for some tasty German beers and cool dudes playing polkas and cow bells in lederhosen. After having our fill of culture, it was time to fill our bellies.

Now, I mentioned this truck is a rolling work of art, but that doesn't quite cut it. It's Dungeon & Dragons meets comic books meets the nine circles of Hell. Right up my alley. And the smells wafting from this baby were out of this world.

Based on recommendations from the owner, we opted for the Döner Box and the CurryWurst. The depth of flavor this truck delivers is insane. The tomato curry is ridiculous and just perfect with the sausage and fries.

But that Döner. Oh man. There's so much going on: the chicken, the vegetables, the harissa, the super thick and rich house tzatziki, all on a bed of greens and fries.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

And you can bet I made my plea for weekday stops closer to the Merch Mart, because I definitely need more from this truck.

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The Döner Box!
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

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