Bombay Wraps

By this time I've been closely watching Curried Away, longing for some Indian food from a truck. Man, do I love Indian food. Sadly, no dice. And at this point in my quest, I basically have all the trucks memorized. This fella was either new, or just new to me.

So imagine my delight when this new(ish?) truck offering Indian wraps posted they'd land at Lake and Clinton for lunch. Score!

Eva and I hot-footed it over there and couldn't wait to get the goods and high-tail it back to the office.

Against the recommendation of the chicken tikka (their best seller), I went with the lamb curry wrap. How do you not get lamb when lamb is on the menu? I usually solicit an opinion and side with the truckers when they make suggestions, but I just don't eat enough lamb to pass it up. Duck is pretty much the same thing. Rabbit too. Boar...Elk...Rattlesnake. Chicken and beef is easy, but give me those less common meats any day. (Did I mention I was vegan not so long ago? Meat! Meat! Meat!)

While I'll be back someday for the chicken tikka wrap, that lamb sure did make me a happy camper. Hello lamb...get in ma belleh! (I so nailed that Fat Bastard impersonation in my head just now.)

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Lamb curry wrap
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Monday, July 9, 2012

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