Two Italians

Three words: chocolate bacon beer. What does that have to do with an Italian food truck? Well, nothing.

You see, just before leaving for my Route 66 Road Trip Extravaganza, I saw that Cupcakes for Courage was serving up a chocolate bacon beer cupcake and I missed it. So it was up again on the specials today and there was no chance in hell I was missing it. This was in the ultra rare category for cupcakes and I had my side quest to think about.

So I saw she would be at 600 West and that was all I needed to know. We were going. Period. Only she was leaving at 11:30. Long story short, it was a challenge to get my coworkers out the door and to the truck in time (I'm talkin' to you Eric). It was something out of a movie I tell ya. Props to Eva for performing all her own stunts.

Cupcake in hand, it was time to breathe and take in the truck scene. Of the four other trucks currently on the scene, luckily for me there was one I hadn't hit yet: Two Italians. Score!

Now this truck is never by Merch, so of course I had to ask him why no love for the Mart. He tells me it's been a while because the last time he got booted by the fuzz. But maybe next week he says. Awesome.

My bounty: a monstrous sausage calzone. Perfect crust. Good amount of spice. Hello delicious!

Now here's the part where I feel real bad. So about a week later we were out and about hitting a couple trucks scattered randomly around the Merch. And who did I see getting booted by the CPD as we turn a corner? Yup. Sorry dude. Thanks anyhow.

A few months later at the Food Truck Social, my daughter grabbed their spinach ricotta arancini and proclaimed it quite delicious. She is now determined to order arancini any time she sees it listed on a menu. Thanks guys!

The Food: 
Sausage calzone
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

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