Brown Bag Lunch Truck

Ok, some of the folks at work have caught the bug. And thanks to Instagram (I'm user sharednoms) and Facebook, some of my family was getting excited about trucks too.

Which scored me Truck 5 and Truck 6 on my quest. I'm fairly certain that by this point I had declared on my FB album that I was on a mission to hit all the Chicago food trucks (lofty, I know).

But I digress...

So my brother-in-law hits me up on FB with a flyer for some kind of "Food Truck Event" for the grand opening of RepChi on Milwaukee near Montrose. Hmm...trucks outside of the Loop. #winning

Lucky bastards that they are, my brother and he live very close to Fischman Liquors, where apparently there's a truck gathering once a week these days. If only!

Upon arrival, I was hit with my first happy dilemma: six trucks in one spot. How to choose? Well, my first choice was no contest. The nose knows. Smoked meats. Hello you.

After a nice chat with the meat man, smoked brisket it was. And damn, what a fine box of meat that was! Killer sauce. Being outside and short on hands, my pic kinda sucked and I didn't capture the delicious slaw that went with it.

A later visit at Lake & Clinton came on a day that I was hitting another truck. I was torn, but Laura from Cupcakes for Courage was there and offered a spot-on tip: buy now, eat later. Done!

The Food: 
Smoked brisket. Yum! 5/12/12
Smoked pulled pork, elotes, spicy pickles. 5/22/12
Truck #: 
Saturday, May 12, 2012

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