Schnitzel King

I'm German. Love of schnitzel is in my veins. So there's a schnitzel truck roaming the streets of Chicago? Oh, hell yes!

This was our first successful venture out to another popular Merchandise Mart area stop, Lake and Clinton (incidentally also where we failed to meet up with the Tamale Spaceship on our very first mission), where we were destined to meet up with none other than the Schnitzel King.

Imagine our surprise as a little white Jeep with a rotating glittery crown pulls up. And I thought Haute Sausage was small. But the bling on this truck was awesome!

In attendance with me this time around: Eva (who by now has proven to be my faithful food truck sidekick), Eric and Stephanie.

I have to say this was a tough decision. I came this close to getting the liverwurst and onions. Man did that bring back childhood memories. This, however, is the self-proclaimed King of Schnitzel, so my decision was made before I even set foot out of the office.

My take? As the truck says, "Holy Schnitzel, that's good!"

And you can bet I'll be back for that liverwurst.

The Food: 
Schnitzel on a!
Da king!
Holy Schnitzel, that's good!
Truck #: 
Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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