La Adelita

If you've read about Truck 5, then you already know that my next truck was at a grand opening event for RepChi where six trucks were gathered that Saturday. Delicious meats already in our bellies, we decided to head inside and check out what RepChi was all about. Pretty cool place with handmade eco-friendly shirts, buttons and other crazy stuff.

With the intermission out of the way, the next choice was which truck to hit next. This would be my first time (of many) hitting more than one truck at one place.

Joy! Rapture!

There were several mentions of the strawberry agua fresca that "you've just gotta try," so that decided it.

Off to the big red La Adelita truck then. What a cool dude. He just about talked our faces off, which was simply awesome. Clearly this man is passionate about his wares. Chatting with the truck operators is part of what I enjoy about this entire experience.

Not content to just get the agua fresca, I zeroed in on the Choriqueso: chorizo, cheese and the perfect custom-made bread to bring it all together. Being a fan of the heat, I naturally got the hot sauce and boy did that rock. My brother got the mild, which also had some heat.

But for me, the real star indeed was that strawberry agua fresca. My brother let me try his hibiscus agua which also was tasty.

I definitely look forward to trying more!

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The Choriqueso! I just like saying that.
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

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