Chicago Cupcake

Weeks ago, I took a pass on this truck when I first saw it at a Thursday hit on Tamale Spaceship at Lake and Clinton. That is so not like me, but I just didn't go for it.

So naturally it was a while before I had the opportunity again.

What a day too. I had a failed attempt at a new truck: Latitude 20N was having truck problems and had to call off. My truck senses were tingling and I caught a tweet that Chicago Cupcake was going to be near my train station for the ride home. Sweet!

At some point earlier in the summer, I had lost my umbrella on the train. So I decided to rebel and not replace it. The drought worked in my favor for a while there, but as soon as I left the office on my way to the truck, the skies opened up on me. Damn. Fine, I'll get a stinkin' umbrella. Just let the truck still be there. And it was!

Now I like using Level Up, but it seems like something is amiss. There was a big push a while back. It was all the rage. Then some trucks stopped using it. Others heard about it, but hadn't yet signed up. And some were midway through the setup cycle and stalled.

So after a decent chat about the mission, the ordinances and cupcakes in general, I asked Cupcake Man if he took Level Up. He fell into that last category. He gave it a good go as the skies opened up on me once again, but after a while we both called it.

No worries. Just adds to the story, right?

That, and an Ice Cubed Truck drive-by that ultimately ended up in my second visit to that truck the following week.

I went with the bananas foster and the peanut butter cup. First impression: these are some small cupcakes. And they're heavy for their size. Hmm. First bite: what the??? These things are more like candy than cupcake.

Crazy! Crazy good.

Well played Cupcake Man. You can bet I'll be back for more.

The Food: 
Bananas Foster!
What's Up Peanut Butter Cup!
Truck #: 
Thursday, August 16, 2012

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