Latitude 20N

Once again, here's a new truck that I had been tweeting back and forth prior to hitting the streets. And they were all into making the list and had confirmed a first-week landing near the Merch.

What's on board? Stuffed paratha! Well this is new and exciting. I love paratha and I've never had it filled with delicious meat stuffs before. Killer!

Womp. Womp. Truck hit a snag on our day. So it goes, and so it goes.

Lucky for me, they were back on the road the next week and eager to meet up and make the list. I'm always happy to oblige there.

And we nearly lost this one too because the forecast was calling for rain. (Damn you Mother Nature!!) Luckily, it held out and so we set off to get our Indian fix.

I went with The Wholly Cow: a beef stuffed paratha with seasoned potatoes.

Holy cow, indeed! And that sauce that came with it! Especially on the potatoes. (Yeah, I bet those ladies just cringed when they read this.)

I can't wait to get back and try more stuffed paratha!

The Food: 
The Wholly Cow: a beef stuffed paratha