Grill Chasers

A little bit of karma was served up at the September Truckin' Around Extravaganza in Schaumburg.

You see, the fine folks behind Toasty Cheese have invited me twice now to advanced menu tastings of new food trucks. In both cases, I couldn't make it out. I also don't know how I feel about tasting a truck's food before I can meet it on the streets, but that's a story for another day.

One of those trucks was Grill Chasers. The other, Piko Street Kitchen. And both have been completely out of reach where I work. Nutty (don't you think?) to find them side by side last Friday, ripe for the taking.

Jeekie Joanne and I arrived a little past 8pm and the place was hopping. Toasty Cheese had its trademark epic line. In fact, lines at all of the trucks new to me were long.

So I did what anyone in my shoes would do: grab some beer and order up a couple tasty Haute Sausages while waiting in line for Piko.

Only that line simply was not moving. Not one iota.

The line at Grill Chasers was shorter and moving at a reasonable pace, so we (figuratively) hopped over. Exactly when they announced there were no more wings. Upon which the line promptly thinned out some more.


Scanning the menu, we decided to split the buffalo burn wrap and the bacon beer cheese fries. Because bacon and beer cheese. Am I right?

Bonus round: after my intro, we got the fries for free. Can I get a huzzah?

To be honest, I've had hit or miss experiences with fries from food trucks. But these: fried to perfection. The beer cheese got a bit lost behind the power of bacon, but when we decided to mix it all up, the flavors balanced out nicely.

I have a high heat tolerance, so the wrap didn't live up to the burn it suggested, but it was still quite delicious. And the wrap itself was fantastic.

And, of course, we ate this all while making it halfway through the line at Piko.

The Food: 
Bacon Beer Cheese Fries. As in bacon *and* beer.
Buffalo wrap
Truck #: 
Friday, September 26, 2014

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