GiGi's Bake Shop

Truck three of the Food Truck Social mega feast. Dayum!

Ok, meal one and meal two aside. It's time for dessert.

Along the way we hit up Two Italians for my vegetarian daughter. Her face was rocked off with their arancini. And I had a nice chat with the ladies at Beyond Borders. I am trying to get them out to the burbs for a local festival we're putting together. But enough of that, make with the food already!

GiGi's is another truck that's not quite Ultra Rare, but it is definitely up there. This truck frequented the Mag Mile mostly (before the fuzz turned up the heat) and so I've never even had a chance at it near 600 West or Merch. Unless I totally missed it, which is entirely possible.

So we had ourselves a chit chat with the operator as we ogled the many flavor options. And we even scored stickers because of the whole mission thing.

Decision time. I went with toasted coconut.

Oh man...too many good cupcake trucks out there. I'm starting to question my dislike of these things.

The Food: 
Dammit...another tasty cupcake. How's a hater gonna hate?