The Sweet Ride

Sweet flames of mercy, that's truck #4 at Food Truck Social. Fist pop and all!

I've been wanting Sweet Ride for almost as long as I've been on this mission. They just don't ever hit the Merch. Evar!

I even razzed them about it when they razzed me about hitting up 43 other trucks before them. Seems the po-po have their eyes on this metallic pink beauty and roust her whenever they get the chance. Hey cops...bite me!

And let me take a moment to comment on this truck. It is a sweet ride indeed. Those chrome wheels. The flames. The metallic pink paint. Rockin' the design ladies!

Time to order and I'm at a crossroads. I like me a whoopie pie. But I'm also a sucker for banana pudding. I can't stand the thought of wanting to chase down more cupcakes, so I didn't even consider those.

I'm told the banana pudding is "to die for" so hit me up. Both Zach and Bella opted for the same.

Well I'll say this much: that pudding is, indeed, pretty damn epic.

I was going to call it quits, but just wanted to stop by Ice Cubed and say hello since I'd just hit that truck the day before with a sizable group of coworkers. And I couldn't resist, making this the first time I've hit five trucks in one shot. Achievement unlocked. Same truck, two days in a row? Achievement unlocked!

As a side note, on the way out I seriously considered eating something from Fido to Go. That's the type of dedication I'm talking about here.

I don't mess around folks.

The Food: 
Banana pudding!
Truck #: 
Saturday, August 25, 2012

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