Pierogi Wagon

I've been anxiously waiting for Pierogi Wagon to come within my grasp, and last night that very thing happened.

It's been three months since I scored a new truck, back when I scored a trio of food trucks at Toasty Cheese's Extravaganza out in the 'burbs. But Pierogi Wagon made my hit list waaaaay back in March and I backed their Kickstarter project in May.

That's a long time, but Damian has had his fair share of trials and tribulations in bringing this yellow beauty to life. He deserves a little slack. Also, I am a patient man.

But what was figuratively killing me was knowing the truck was rolling the streets down at UofC for the past couple of weeks. So when I caught wind of a Fischman Liquors Tap This! landing, there was no chance in hell I was gonna miss it.

Let me tell you, friends and neighbors: it was worth the wait.

Being a mix of primarily Polish and German myself, I consumed many a tasty pierogi in my day, and plenty of those were homemade. These babies took me right back to my childhood.

After several refusals of a free meal – rules are rules, you know – I couldn't wait to dig in. My haul: four kraut, three beef, fully loaded. I'm talking sauerkraut, crumbled bacon, caramelized onions and sour cream having a party with these lightly browned pockets of joy.

These were so packed with flavor, and the toppings took them completely over the top. I'm a huge fan of sauerkraut and they were definitely my favorite. But those beef pierogi were damn tasty as well.

Now if only I can convince Damian to make a stop at Hubbard and Wells sometime soon. Gotta show that #merchmart some love.

The Food: 
Some beef, some kraut, loaded!
Truck #: 
Thursday, January 16, 2014

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