Piko Street Kitchen

So there's this guy that works at one of our sister agencies in Chicago. Same floor and everything. And he's joined us on a couple of food truck excursions.

We'll call him Patrick, because that's his name.

Last week, he went with us to hit up DönerMen. Along the way, he mentions a new Asian food truck. Yum Dum, I ask? Nope. Piko? Yeah, that one. Seems he knows the guys that run it.


I missed the few opportunities I've had when the truck served up lunch in the city, so I was determined to hit it while at the September Truckin' Around Extravaganza, hosted by Toasty Cheese.

But that line.

Just. Not. Moving.

So Jeekie Joanne and I hit up Grill Chasers right next door. That way, we could eat while we waited. Several people in line saw us chomping away on tasty bacon and beer cheese fries, so they did the same.

It's just the way to do it.

As we approach, I see bao on the menu. I had amazing bao from a truck in Austin, and since Duck 'n Roll closed up shop, I haven't had good bao-wiches from a Chicago truck. Granted, when I went to Yum Dum recently, I passed on the bao for dumplings. Because of the name: Yum Dum. But I really do love a good bao.

Oh, and pork belly. And ribeye. Yeah, we'd be getting those two bao and, of course, the mochi for dessert. I also love mochi. Even more from a food truck.

After ordering (and confirming that Patrick wasn't pulling my leg) we got a serious discount and a chicken bao tossed in for free. Just so I could taste it.

Man, I love this job.

And holy cow, that is some bao! The meats were amazing, but what really won me over was the slaw on top. So vibrant and fresh. I could have eaten a whole bowl. And I probably will the next time I see the truck, because you can order it as a side.

And mochi. What a perfect way to end the night.

Also, I intentionally did not hit up Chicago food truck 100 that night. Because, reasons!

The Food: 
Bao trio: chicken, ribeye and pork belly!
Mochi! Because, reasons!
Truck #: 
Friday, September 26, 2014

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