J.B. Alberto's

I was on quite a roll and thought I'd sprint to the finish line, but after the Food Truck Social, I hit a brick wall.

Taking full advantage of my published Hit List, I started prodding the trucks I still needed. J.B. Albertos came through and hit me up when they were at 600 West.

Fan-freaking-tastic! I was getting worried there.

I swear, Eva and I have been doing the walk to 600 West pretty much weekly by this point. Curse the Mart for it's cruddy parking.

So by now I'm quite full of myself (shocking!) and I'm all "Hey there, I'm Kevin from Food Truck 50!" And he's all...who? What? Huh?

Now I know I'm not completely off my rocker based on the tweets so I quickly recovered with, "You're not the guy managing your twitter account, are you?" Nope. Ah-ha! So I explain what's up and we have a nice chat.

Time to order and I'm vexed. I was planning on pizza (hello...pizza truck) but it was only $6. The beef wasn't much more at $7, but we had such a nice chat I wanted to support him all I could. So I went beef.

Problem is, I am insanely picky about my beef. You see, Johnnie's Beef in Elmwood Park has ruined beef for me forever. It set the bar and usually other beefs fall short of that bar.

So with trepidation, I took my first bite.


Not quite Johnnie's, but honestly so damn close I was shell-shocked.

I can still taste it.

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I'll say this: These guys know their beef!
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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