If you haven't noticed by now, something that's been freakin' me out as I've been recounting my journey is the high degree of coincidence. Maybe that's even putting it lightly. Synchronicity? Karma? Ka? (Huge SK fan...couldn't resist.)

So it's kinda cool that what was supposed to be the second half of our prior two-fer ended up being our next truck. And holy hell, I just noticed this: truck 18 on the 18th...whaaa?!?!

Like I said. Karma.

Back again to one of our big-time spots: Hubbard & Wells, and if memory serves, Iva and Eva came along for the ride. Sadly Jim couldn't make it this time, though he was looking forward to meatloaf cupcakes when he joined us previously. Ah well.

I really had my hopes up for the Del Fuego. Chorizo in a meatloaf? Hell yes! Hell no! Not on the menu this day. Curses! I can't exactly recall where that left me choice-wise, but I do know there were two contenders. On the advice of the trucker, I went with The Mother Loaf: a mix of beef, pork and veal topped with mashed taters. Oh, and a nice demi-glace to lube it all up. Sounds amazing! Iva also did a Mother Loaf and Eva went with the turkey meatloaf. Well played ladies. Well played.

Time to taste. Yum! That demi-glace (a.k.a. kickass gravy) was sooo good. And I just love that it's your potatoes and meat all in one little cupcake package. But don't let the size fool you! That sucker will fill you up and then some!

I know we hit this truck another time along our travels, but alas, still no Del Fuego so I passed it up. Really gotta get me one of those puppies after this whole thing is over.

The Food: 
The Mother Loaf!! (not pictured: that kickass gravy!)