The Slide Ride

My Epic Road Trip behind me, I needed to make up for lost time and get back in the game. I had lined up a two-fer over at Willis Tower: The Slide Ride and Meatloaf-a-Go-Go. Plus, we also were targeting 5411 Empanadas on the way back for others in the group. Let the meat fest begin!

This time Eva, Phil and I set out with Jim the Newbie for our first trek to Willis for trucks. Now up to this point, it's always been an intersection-based landing. Well, 600 West isn't an intersection, but there's only one spot to go there. A Willis Tower location is a bit vague, but what the heck. How hard can it be?

Silly us.

It took a while, but we basically happened upon this great pink truck by chance. There's tons of foot traffic over there so it's not like other stops where you can spy the truck a few blocks away. We lucked out.

I was going to be eating two meaty lunches again, so I decided to go light. However, the sliders all sounded so good, I quickly overruled myself. A sack of three for me please: Bacon Baby, Cubano, Pork Kimchi.

Off to the meatloaf truck. No meatloaf for you! Evil traffic. So no two-fer for me after all. Curses! Good thing I grabbed a sack. Although, once we hit 5411 Empandas, I simply couldn't help myself. Gotta support these guys! I only got two emps though...keeping it reasonable.

Back at the office it was time to dine. Those sliders were freakin' awesome! The Bacon Baby was the standout for me, with the Cubano a close second.

Fast forward to August on the weekend of the Food Truck Social. I had decided to pack up the kids and drive to the city to hit four new trucks. Imagine my surprise as I see a pink truck headed westbound on I-90 with us eastbound. "Hey look!" I exclaimed..."It's The Slide Ride." Kids are all "Whaaa?" So I explain and chalk it off as odd coincidence. Well, imagine my surprise as we are headed home and again cross paths at basically the same spot on the tollway. Too weird now. Got home and had to tweet to find out what was up. Turns out they catered a wedding. How cool is that?

So the following Monday at work, when I saw a tweet that The Slide Ride would be at Lake and Clinton, I set my lunch back into the fridge and hit the road. By this point, Eva was dismayed she had only hit 20 trucks and had determined to make it to 25. You see, even though she joined us back in June, she was holding out for the empanadas. Silly Eva, Trix are for kids. So Chef Nida and I put faces to names since we'd been tweeting back and forth recently, and Eva scored another truck for her mission. And delicious sliders were enjoyed by all.

Later that same week I was all set to hit Truck 45, but that fell through at the last minute. Needing a backup plan, I quickly turned to my trusty twitter feed and what's this? The Slide Ride will be at 600 West slangin' a brand new slider: the Bourbon Belly? Bourbon? Pork belly? Done and Done!

I do think I need to taste 'em all now.

The Food: 
From the bottom left: pork kimchi, cubano, bacon baby, 6/14/12
Love the logo!
Lunch sack: buffalo chicken, bacon baby, oatmeal moon pie, 8/27/12
From the left: bourbon belly, guinness, philly, 8/27/12
Truck #: 
Thursday, June 14, 2012

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